Most news sites and services focus on relaying recent events. However, it's impossible to act on the past. What if it were possible to see ahead, to understand and anticipate what is about to happen? This project looks at trending data and displays it in a calendar format, allowing users to see what people are talking about a week, a month or on a specific day in the future.


To create a calendar tool that allows users to view trending topics associated with a specific day, week or month.


Key discussions happen before an event or decision is made. By allowing people to visualize topics trending in the future in congress,  state assemblies or in their neighborhood, they are better able to act proactively and plan.


Google Trends tools are applied to a calendar format. The view allows users to look ahead at what topics are currently being associated with specific dates as well as to explore views such as "This day last year," or "This week last month."


Google Trends:

image credits: Dafne Cholet / Pixabay