Design Sprint

UPDATE: We have a great team coming together. We're only missing a strong apps developer (Node.js/React Native). Know someone?

Public Comment Design Sprint
Call for skilled volunteers

At every public meeting, citizens are invited to stand up and share their three minutes of public comment. Few hear their voices. 

Public Comment aims to help professionals and citizens get better summaries and comments from public hearings; the type of local involvement that makes a huge difference in issues. Do you know people who might be interested? 

We're looking for some open government hackers to join us for a product sprint March 10-12: 

  • Interaction Designer

  • Graphic Designer

  • UX Researcher

  • Front-end /web app developer (node.js/native react)

  • Data Scientist

Design Brief:
March 10-12
Sausalito, CA

Why join: 
1. Learn how to leverage design sprints for good - and then bring the skills to causes you care about.
2. Support a social benefit cause: Local involvement!

What's involved: 
2 hours on Friday, + weekend of March 11-12

Who is hosting the sprint: 
Hosted by an ex-Googler and an ex-Do Gooder... 

Contact us for more details.