Public Comment Design Sprint - Outcome [Awesome!]

Just spent the weekend with these amazing people.... 

Huge thank you to everyone who joined us for this weekend's Sprint for Good. Not only did we hash out a decent product description and key features, but we also put together a clickable prototype,  tested it out with a few users to get feedback and took a detour to visit the Taj Mahal—all in two days.  

It was a good weekend's work in every sense of the word.


Sprint Team

Nadya Direkova, Catalyst, Sprint Master
Designer at Airbnb
Jeanne Allen, Sprint Master
Sr. UX Program Manager [], Google
Merlyn Fraga, UX Researcher
UX Researcher at gotoresearch
Christen Penny, UX Researcher
Design Researcher, Lookout
Josh Lovejoy,  Interaction Designer
Senior Interaction Designer, Google
Ramya Mallya, Graphic Designer
Interaction Designer, Google
Jon Ritt, Brand Strategist/Designer
Creative Director, Rindal & Co.
Melody Mason, Sprint Support
Architecture and Design Marketing Consultant
Sam Ford, User Research

Strategic Partnerships, 99 antennas
Kate Stohr, Data Journalist 
Principal, 99 antennas

Rapid Prototyping

We spent the first day honing the product definition and goals, day-2 we built a click-able mockup and got some quick user feedback.  

Sprint Tools

Sketch - Design
Framer - Layout/JS scripting - Unified Design System and Guidelines (What?! Google is sharing this resource with the world! Tks, Jeanne) 
Heroku - hosting
Github - deployment
Slack - File sharing, discussion


- aspirational comma delimited lists
- all discussions that include the words 'papaya whip' 
- credibility as both an attribute and a fashion statement
- and, of course, all things relating to pension reform... 

It was an amazing experience to work with such smart, talented, human-centered people. No, we did not 'solve democracy,' but we got a little closer to helping people track and follow public meetings...